Looking for Air Freight Forwarders in Manchester?

When it comes to different modes of transport, each mode has its own set of benefits and potential drawbacks. Air freight, at the more expensive end of the price scale, sometimes gets overlooked. However, while it is often used to transport high value/low volume shipments, there are several other reasons why you should consider using air freight.

Speed and reliability

The most obvious advantages of air freight are the speed and reliability it offers. Put simply, air freight is unrivalled in these areas. Air freight, unsurprisingly, is by far the fastest shipping method. There can be no doubt that if you have goods that need to be shipped quickly, air freight is the best solution. In terms of speed alone, neither road transport or sea freight can match air freight.

Reliability is another key advantage of air freight. Generally speaking, arrival and departure times of flights are very reliable. Not only that, even missing a scheduled flight often doesn’t cause too much of a delay because flights on most routes are frequent and regular.

Furthermore, many airlines offer a genuinely global network with an extensive list of destinations. This means that you can send your shipment quickly to almost anywhere in the world.

Low insurance premiums and high level of security

Although the basic price of shipping by air will cost you more than other modes of transport, you shouldn’t forget that savings can be made in other ways. For example, as the total transportation time with air freight will be a lot shorter than via other methods, the insurance premiums you pay will be significantly lower.

Another benefit of air freight is the high level of security that it provides. Airport safety controls are tightly and rigorously managed. The risks of theft and damage are greatly reduced because of this.

Air freight also means that there is less need for local warehousing solutions. Quicker transit times also result in there being less need to keep as many items in stock at any one time. There is a greater efficiency with air freight in terms of cargo inspection and customs clearance too.

Another saving that becomes possible if you choose air freight is to do with packaging. Far less heavy packaging is required to send items by air, compared to sea. This saves both time and money with your shipments.

It’s also possible to monitor the status of your shipment every step of the way from departure to arrival.

When is air freight the best option?

Air freight is the best option, typically, when the cost of shipping is less than 20% of the value of the goods. Of course, if speed, safety and reliability are particular concerns for your shipment, air freight really comes into its own as well.

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