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Air freight is only becoming more popular and more cost-effective by the year, and it’s easy to see why. There is nothing faster for long-distance shipments, so when you need to move something urgently, it’s the perfect solution. Rapid, safe and direct international shipping can be accomplished easily with Hawley Logistics’s air freight options. Furthermore, our international partners will always ensure an easy landing!

For less time-sensitive goods, bundling your shipment with other cargo allows a more economical approach. This will cut costs while still providing a fast and effective way to move consignments internationally. While costs are lower this way, the frequency of flights is often lower as well. Make sure to discuss with our team whether this suits your needs – it should only be chosen if you’ve got a long delivery window on that consignment. You might be surprised how cost effective it can be!

Air Freight Specialists
Hawley Logistics in Rossendale Air Freight

With You Every Step of the Way

Hawley Logistics can provide dedicated deliveries once your cargo is on the ground at the airport. This allows us to offer customers a truly door-to-door multimodal freight delivery service.

Your Business’s Doorway To China

Once we envisaged China was going to be a thriving market, we wasted no time in establishing office links there. When your business works with Chinese manufacturing, our China office is able to ensure we’re overseeing your shipment from the factory door to the final consumer. This gives you the ultimate peace of mind that your consignments will arrive on time at their final destination.

A Worldwide Air Freight Company

Over our 35-year history, we’ve cultivated an extensive network of partners and local agents. These partners assist us with seamless customs clearance and local deliveries. Alongside our office in China, these global local partners make sure that your air freight has a smooth and easy landing, and gets from the airport to its final destination promptly.


The documentation involved in moving cargo by air can be complex. However, Hawley Logistics has the expertise needed to navigate these documents easily. We can provide both Master and House airway bills (AWB) plus carnets for shipping into or out of Carnet Scheme countries. We are even able to assist with any required consular work, with connections in all chambers and embassies, so your air freight will arrive promptly and with a minimum amount of fuss.

Air freight services


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