Spiralling fuel costs are causing ongoing problems for the transport and haulage industries as the RAC warns that average fuel prices are likely to hit £2 per litre any day now and calls for the government to take drastic action.

How Are Fuel Prices Affecting Hauliers?

Earlier this year, the Road Haulage Organisation (RHA) urged the government to take action to protect the haulage industry and in March, the government cut fuel duty by 5p per litre, estimating that this would give savings of around £1,500 per year for hauliers.

However, fuel prices in the UK have continued to rise and haulage companies are once again struggling to balance their books, with many warning that cost increases will need to be passed on to customers if firms are to survive. This will mean shoppers seeing raised prices at the tills or when buying online, as companies add on fuel surcharges to cover their rising costs.

Others in the transport industry, such as coach operators and taxi firms are also having to raise prices in order to continue operating.

What Is Being Done to Alleviate the Pressures on Haulage Firms?

The rapid hike in fuel prices is just the latest in a long line of issues the industry has faced recently, including driver shortages and increased salaries in a bid to recruit and retain drivers. There have also been higher maintenance costs and shortages of new lorries and replacement parts due to the global chip shortage.

The transport industry is a vital part of the country’s economy and without it, the infrastructure would collapse. Much of what we consume, whether it’s food, medicines or other goods, arrives via haulage, and the RHA has stepped in once again in a bid to protect hauliers from the mounting financial pressures.

Rod McKenzie from the RHA has pointed out that fuel represents over a third of the operating costs of the average truck, however, profit margins are between 1 and 2%. The RHA is also calling for an ‘essential user rebate’ for hauliers and coach operators, which would allow them to lower their customer prices.

Meanwhile, the Department for Transport (DfT) is planning to introduce a policy that will ‘name and shame’ any petrol station that fails to pass on the previous cut in fuel duty.

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