Travel bans and restricted flights from Europe to the US during the Covid-19 pandemic have reduced cargo capacity and raised the costs of air freight but all that looks set to change with a predicted expansion in air freight services to the US.

Willie Walsh, the CEO of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has said that he expects consumer demand to continue to rise, which “will benefit the air cargo business.” Speaking at the recent IATA conference in Dublin, he said he was “delighted” to see the current rise in transatlantic flights.

Meanwhile, Air Freight Manager of Europa Air & Sea, Andy Serpant, predicted “a sharp recovery in volumes on the transatlantic route during the final months of 2021 and into 2022, as the US market reopens for business.”

American Airlines Cargo has already announced new flights from Heathrow to nine US destinations, with services set to begin this month. United Airlines and British Airways are similarly set to increase their services to US destinations over the coming Winter.

So, what does all this mean for businesses looking to utilise transatlantic air freight services moving forward?

Increased Capacity and Reduced Costs

The easing of Covid-19 travel restrictions means an increase in available flights from the UK and Europe into the US and consumer demand for flights to America is currently high and set to rise. This increased number of flights into the US also results in a marked increase in cargo capacity.

Air freight capacity has been extremely limited over the past eighteen months due to the significantly reduced number of overall flights as a result of restrictions and travel bans and Tim Isik of American Airlines called the rising number of transatlantic flights over Winter, “tremendous news” for customers in the UK and Europe.

The predicted expansion in air freight services to the US will also help businesses who have been unable to afford the raised costs associated with transatlantic freight during the pandemic and who may have been forced to temporarily limit their exports as a result of the higher rates.

An increased number of flights makes for greater air cargo capacity, which in turn makes air freight services to the US more readily available and rates more affordable.

The effect of increased flight numbers and cargo capacity has yet to impact current air freight rates but industry experts are confident prices will reduce as the number of passengers wanting to fly from the UK and Europe to the United States increases.

Andy Serpant said, “the effect on freight rates remains to be seen, but I would expect a reduction as passenger numbers increase.”

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