The recent industrial action that saw the 24-hour closure of the Port of Calais caused a range of disruption to hauliers and passengers alike. Ferry operator, DFDS, moved some of its freight vehicles and passengers to the Dover-Dunkirk route as a way of providing extra capacity.

However, as Jordan Hawley, Director of Hawley Logistics, explains, “Strike action inevitably causes knock-on delays for trailers both in and out of the UK. When it comes to road freight shipping, customers need a company that can adapt quickly and deal with all shipping scenarios with confidence.”

What is road freight transport?
Road freight is a flexible and cost-effective option to transport goods, often via direct collection and delivery, using various vehicles. A key advantage is the flexibility of options that road freight gives you.

This can be via a FTL (Full Truck Load) where you have a dedicated vehicle transporting all your goods from A to B or a Groupage (Part Load) where you ship your goods along with others in a much more cost effective manner.

What are the advantages of road freight transport?
Price is the most obvious advantage of road freight transport. It is the most affordable option, especially for large shipments. Immediate dispatch, without the need to wait for scheduled departures, they can often be arranged the same day.

In the event of delays and disruptions, it is relatively easy with road freight services to change a route if necessary. In general, there are fewer restrictions of any type with road freight and required documentation is simple and straightforward. Road freight also means that door-to-door delivery is possible, and it is easy to track a shipment at all stages of a journey.

All in all, road freight transport is the stress-free freight option to transport goods across the UK and the continent. Road freight is affordable and secure to send goods. There are few restrictions on what can be transported and goods of any weight and of all dimensions can be shipped. If you need to import or export, you won’t find a more cost-effective or flexible mode of transport than road freight.

If road freight suits your needs and is the best way forward, It’s important to choose the road freight forwarder. Please get in touch with Hawley Logistics for advice and road freight quotes.