Why should you choose sea freight shipping?

Any business that is considering starting to import or export good to the UK should compare the options for sea freight shipping and other shipping methods. Sea freight is a sensible choice if you need to transport large quantities of consumer goods. Sea freight tends to be the shipping method of choice for companies who are importing from manufacturers based in the Far East.

Sea freight is now a popular choice and exporting by this method is likely to remain a cost-effective option for many years to come. In the short term – at least until 2022 – the space available on cargo ships is likely to exceed demand. Costs of sea freight have fallen considerably since 2012.

What are the different forms of sea freight?

Sea freight refers to the transportation of good via large cargo shops, but it comes in a variety of forms. A Full container load (FCL) is a single shipment loaded onto a container, usually 20-45 feet long. A Less than container load (LCL) is where a container is shared by several shipments.

Another common method is Roll on roll off (RORO). This is where cargo is transported on and off a ship by a lorry or other vehicle. Finally, Dry bulk shipping is where commodities, such as metal, are stored in the hold of a ship, rather than in a container.

What are the advantages of sea freight shipping

So, why is sea freight such a popular method for importing and exporting goods, particularly over long distances? It offers a number of clear advantages. Its main rival is air freight – which is obviously a faster option. However, sea freight tends to be around 5 times cheaper than shipping by air freight, on average. Not only that, the Duty and VAT charges incurred are less expensive by sea freight when compared to air freight. Sea freight tends to offer a greater range of shipping options to suit particular needs. It’s also easier to ship bulkier items by sea and specialist operators cover pretty much anywhere in the world using sea freight. Generally speaking, sea freight is a better choice environmentally than air freight.

If sea freight suits your needs and is the best way forward, It’s important to choose the right company.